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For the Love of Books

Let me pick your brain for a moment. Are you a bibliophile? A bibliophile refers to someone who loves reading, admiring and collecting books. Do you have books or do you own a collection of books?

Next to a dog, a book can be a man’s best friend. Books can do a lot of things for any individual.

Generally, for children and young people, books can provide them with new knowledge, cultivate their vocabulary, improve their language and visual skills, broaden their understanding, enrich their imagination, and a whole lot more.

For adults, books provide a way to get informed, entertained or simply offer an option to brush up on specialised technical know-how. Did you know that reading can increase empathy, and that self-help books can actually ease depression? Some do leisurely reading to reduce stress, or improve their analytical ability. Others are just into it to stay sharp, improve their vocabulary and to keep on the writing lane. Yes, reading can indeed improve your writing skills.

Different Genres

Just as there are different topics and subjects, books also come in different genres. There are generally two broad types of books: fiction and non-fiction. Fiction books refer to published materials that are imaginary or make-believe. The opposite of it is what comprises non-fiction. Fiction materials are surprisingly more popular as they are usually what romance, sci-fi, fantasy/ mystery and horror books are made of.

During the past decade, there have been some authors who stood out from the crowd because of their adventurous streak and tendency to leave their own mark in the publication industry.

One of these authors is J.K. Rowling, whose initial book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” continues to be in the top slot of the Top 20 Best-Selling Children’s Books of All Time with 107 million Hardcover/Paperback copies sold. Another writer whose name has become a household name is Stephenie Meyer, whose books, like Rowling’s Harry Potter series, also had movie tie-ins like “Twilight” and “Eclipse”.

Trends in Book Reading

With the advent of new technology, book reading habits have also changed. Aside from their printed counterparts, books are now being sold online and available in digital or audio formats. They can now be viewed from or listened to on electronic devices like e-readers or mp3 players, which are compatible with .epub, .mobi and .mp3. Books are no longer printed, or if at all, only a small amount is published. This development does not necessarily equate to lesser sales since eBooks are now being sold globally, so the movement from print to digital is still a welcome transformation.

Dedicated to Writers

This site is dedicated to writers and their works of art. Reading is inextricably linked to writing and vice versa. Books/publications would not exist without the writers behind them, and writers would not exist without buffing up themselves first with the writing basics before they actually put their thoughts into words. It’s a two-way thing that cannot be negated.

No words will be sufficient to describe the support and appreciation this site has for the authors and writers who have taken the time to see their written work until its final publication. There are still a lot of untapped geniuses out there who cannot get their work out to the market for varied reasons. But to those who have made successful debuts or follow-up best-sellers, it will be a great honour to have your works featured here on this site.